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The future ofcommercial real estate

At SliceSpace, we imagine a future where anyone can be a real estate owner — allowing people to own a slice of the buildings they work in, the apartments they live in, and even their favorite venues.

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Our Objective

Making commercial real estate simple, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere!

For decades, commercial real estate has been limited to institutional and high-net worth individuals. We fractionalize commercial real-estate, enabling countless individuals to own a single commercial property. We bridge the gap between traditional commercial real estate and the general public by enabling individuals to receive rent on a daily basis.

Our Solution

SliceSpace is a marketplace where commercial real estate owners can sell tokenized versions of equity, creating 3 key benefits: It unlocks equity in the asset, creates liquidity (freeing up cash for other business functions), and most of all, it promotes ownership for locals who can now own a part of their community and feel responsible for its development.

Core Features

Making commercial real estate ownership simple, affordable, and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Use Crypto or Fiat

Individuals can now deposit and withdraw in crypto or fiat, as well as a SliceSpace Debit Card - all with instant withdrawals.

Low Buy-In Price

Each equity ownership is divided into 1M Slices, making the cost of entry accessible to anyone.

Buy or Sell 24/7

Instant Liquidity means you can buy or sell slices off of our platform at any time with none of the traditional limitations.

Class-A Properties

Our properties include large residential buildings, mixed use commercial spaces, warehouses, and skyscrapers throughout the US.

Daily Rental Payouts

Rent is collected from the property management company, and distributed to your account balance daily.

Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate and earn rewards for getting the word out and helping our community grow!

Market Trends

In 2022, Commercial Real Estate in the US has never been bigger

Yearly property price increases were widespread, with self-storage, industrial, and retail registering the largest month-over-month gains. The all-property index has increased 24% this year and is now 14% higher than it was before the pandemic began.

55% Of real estate investors in the U.S. expect to invest more in commercial properties in 2022 than they did in 2021.

$500B+ Volume of commercial real estate transactions per year in the U.S.

$21T Estimated U.S. market size.

5-10% Average yearly appreciation.

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